I have registered for a tournament...Do I need to update my NSCA Class once I punch up?

NO - The ScoringPRO site updates all shooter NSCA classes nightly and makes automated tournament updates based on the new class change.  Your class will be adjusted automatically for any tournament that has not occurred.


I have punched up why is it not showing?

If you punched up recently and the club has not paid the associated tournament fees to the NSCA then a delay may occur in your class being changed automatically.  You will only be moved in class once the NSCA processes the tournament in which you participated in AND the NSCA will not process that tournament until all fees have been paid by the host range.  The ScoringPRO site only reads the NSCA data they provide to us so we would not know about your change until they tell us.


I punched up last weekend and I'm shooting now and my new class is not showing?

This is common if the tournament from the previous weekend has not been processed.  The range can easily change your class in the system during your check in process so simply notify them of the class change and have them adjust it accordingly.  Do not contact them ahead of tournament because our site will update nightly and will revert you back to the old class if the tournament is not underway.  Be patient!  At check in the registration is preserved and it will take them only seconds to adjust the class. 


Someone I don't know is on my squad...Why can't I remove the person?

Simply put you as the shooter should not be able to remove another shooter who has designated his/her preferred schedule.  Ranges have the final say on squadding assignments and schedule designations.  If we opened up our site to allow any shooter the ability to remove another shooter it would cause significant issues. 

If you are on a squad with someone whom you do not wish to shoot simply contact the range and they will be more than happy to assist you.  Our advanced squadding site allows you to make your own changes, HOWEVER you cannot make changes for other shooters.  You can request a person to be squadded with you but the final say is up to the range.  ScoringPRO does not modify or alter your rotation or squadding as it is the responsibility of the range to do so.  We will not assist any shooter with registration changes since the club runs their own shoot.


How do I contact the Range?

When you registered for a tournament you entered your NSCA number in the site for that particular tournament.  Simply do the same process (this time you will be taken directly to the confirmation page if you already registered) and on the right side of the screen is a button to contact the tournament manager of that particular tournament. You can also use this method to make changes to your registration. Click that button and send a message to the tournament manager.  He/She will be glad to assist you.


Do I need to create a ScoringPRO Account?

ONLY H CLASS SHOOTERS NEED AN ACCOUNT WITH ScoringPRO.  Rarely does this happen because our site is tailored to the National Sporting Clays Association.  If you are an NSCA member you are free to register for any tournament by simply entering your NSCA Number in the registration form.



How do I make changes or pay my deposit?

ScoringPRO DOES NOT COLLECT OR HANDLE ANY MONEY DISTRIBUTIONS.  We simply push shooters to the club PayPal account.  No shooter pays any money to our site.  YOU WILL HAVE TO CONTACT THE CLUB DIRECTLY and handle that with them. 

Your deposit (fees designated by the club) can be paid during registration or even after you have registered.  All things begin with you clicking that Registration / Squadding Button on the Tournaments Dashboard.  If you have already registered you will be taken directly to the "Congratulations" page...(Your Confirmation)...On that page you can add/remove events, make schedule changes, squad changes etc.  You will not be able to do this once the tournament manager disables that ability and you will need to send a message.  So that capability on this page as well. As noted above you will not be able to change the schedule or squadding of another shooter. 

Do I have to have an internet connection to use ScoringPRO?

YES.  We are a website and if you do not have access to the internet then you will not be able to use our site.

My Class is wrong during a previous tournament.

ScoringPRO will NOT adjust any class associated with a shooter from a tournament previously attended.  It is the responsibility of the club to do so at check in.  By NSCA rules the shooter is required to declare their current "Class" at check in before engaging in a shoot.  That being said if you are designated in the wrong class (including H Class) you can contact the club directly and inform them of this error.  The club has the ability to change your class at ANY TIME by doing the following from the Tournament Dashboard.

  1. Click the View Shooters ICON
  2. Find Your Name
  3. Click the EDIT NSCA ICON
  4. Enter the Correct Information